Behaviour Management

​At All Saints’ children will be encouraged at all times to produce behaviour that meets the standard stated in the school rules.  Standards of behaviour and pride in their own ‘school work’ will be encouraged through using the following:

Classroom Practices

  • Reward eg. stickers
  • Positive encouragement and feedback
  • Acknowledgment of children who have improved
  • Points System
  • Achievement awards sent home to parents
  • Bringing improved work, etc. to the attention of other staff
  • Praising children as soon as they show an improvement in their behaviour
  • Reasoning and discussing privately with children in a ‘one to one’ situation about a behaviour that is unacceptable.


For effective education to take place, it is necessary that each child possesses suitable measures of self discipline and self control.

Discipline at All Saints’ School is based on the following principles –

  • All discipline measures taken by staff are intended to develop an awareness of self-discipline in each child. 
  • Membership of All Saints’ Community confers upon each child certain rights and responsibilities.
  • Every child at All Saints’ is entitled to be treated by every member of our community with the respect he/she deserves.
  • Every child will be encouraged to treat other members of our community with the respect they deserve.