Our Catholic Identity

​Our motto is Faith, Wisdom and Family and we believe that these make up the unique character of the school and its students. We invite you to become part of the All Saints' School spirit for 'together we can achieve great things!'

School Motto:​​​

Inspired by the teachings of Jesus, and founded in the Mercy Tradition, we are an educational community, shaped by the touchstones of: 

  • Faith – nurturing and deepening a relationship with God, through the lived experience of community and evidenced in the way that we speak, act and treat one another.
  • Wisdom – cultivating a love of learning to enrich and transform our world.
  • Family – embracing a genuine sense of belonging and a willingness to contribute to our school, parish, and wider community.


Our Values:

  • Excellence: We love to learn and strive to maximise our learning growth. 'Let your light shine before others' (Matt 5:16)
  • Inclusivity: We welcome and include. 'Therefore, welcome others as I have welcomed you.' (Romans 15:7)
  • Service: We walk with others in support and care. 'I have given you the model, as I have done for you, you should do also' (Jn 13:15)
  • Social Justice: We value respectful and responsive relationships. '…when you did this for the least of these, you did this for me' (Matt 25: 40)​

Image by Kaye Vague and used with written permission (2024)