Learning is lifelong and not simply restricted to school.  Indeed, children come to school already having mastered many skills.

Homework is an integral part of the school curriculum for all children.  We, at All Saints’, consider homework to be a worthwhile activity.  It consolidates work covered at school and promotes communication with parents on their child’s learning and progress.  It is a useful tool for the child’s self-evaluation.  There is opportunity for flexibility to cater for individual situations.  The amount and type of homework will vary according to children’s needs.

If your child needs assistance and/or encouragement by all means do what you can to help, but do not actually do the work for your child.  Any queries regarding homework should be directed to the class teacher as soon as they arise.  Written homework should be presented by the specified time.

  • Provide a work area;
  • Within family routine, give consideration for homework time;
  • Recognise the difference between ‘on task’ time and ‘other’ time;
  • Establish timetable and routine for homework;
  • Try to maintain a positive approach and avoid creating a conflict situation;
  • Be creative in encouraging the ongoing home learning of your children.


  • Lots of family conversation
  • Story telling/reading
  • Jokes
  • Discussion
  • Family conferences and sharing decisions
  • Games

Suggested minimum weekly time for homework.

Year 11 hour​
​Year 2​1 hour
​Year 3​1 hour
​Year 4​1 1/2 hours
​Year 5​2 hours
Year 6​2 1/2 hours


If this is not possible please contact the appropriate teacher so that an informed and understanding course of action may be planned.​