Learning Framework



  • At All Saints’ School we believe that every person is created in the image and likeness of God.  Therefore we strive to provide quality Catholic education that caters for life-long learning, while recognising the multi-faceted nature of children.


  • With Jesus as the centre of our educational focus we lead students to achieve success at their own developmental level through giving witness to gospel values.
  • Learners are active participants in the learning process.
  • Learning is an active process in which learners develop knowledge and ideas that make sense to them by linking their experiences both within and beyond the classroom.
  • At All Saints’ we acknowledge individual differences of students.

Learning Communities

  • By integrating faith life and culture based on a Christian tradition learners are able to make sense of their world and contribute to the enrichment of life and community now and in the future.


At All Saints’ School we value

  • The rights and responsibilities of individuals.
  • Family and community.
  • High quality learning through best practices.
  • Shared decision making and accountability.
  • Contributions made by the wider community.
  • Children’s ability to seek what is true and do what is right.
  • Value the opportunity to reflect on the outcomes of our progress.

Overarching Goal for Learning

Empowering learners of all ages to share and enrich our changing world, by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Roles for Lifelong Learning Descriptors

Reflective, Self Directed Learner, who:

  • Critically reflects on issues pertaining to the wider world.
  • Takes responsibility for learning.
  • Critically evaluates their life-long learning.
  • Develops self discipline to work independently.

Quality Producer, who:

  • Constructs and applies knowledge, concepts and theories, to make meaning and communicates this in an appropriate form.
  • Effectively utilises people; resources and technologies needed for accomplishing projects within negotiated criteria that reach the desired outcomes.

Community Contributor, who:

  • Relates to others in ways that promote Gospel values.
  • Actively works with others in their community for the betterment of their world.
  • Works harmoniously with others.
  • Seeks and employs ways to address and solve problems within their world in a socially responsible manner.

Designer and Creator, who:

  • Generates ideas, designs and information using a variety of methods, tools and technologies with a risk-taking approach to meet their needs now and in the future.

Leader and Collaborator, who:

  • Develops and incorporates leadership skills to contribute positively to the accomplishment of team goals, through a variety of processes.
  • Works cooperatively with peers and/or community members in different situations.
  • Develops and practises effective interpersonal skills in order to relate to others in peaceful, tolerant and non-discriminatory ways.
  • Nourishes relationships with God, self, others and the environment with compassion, sensitivity, respect, integrity and empathy.

Active Investigator, who:

  • Generates and accesses information from a variety of sources.
  • Examines cause and effect relationships in the context of investigation.
  • Evaluates the adequacy, accuracy and worth of data and information
  • Investigates every day problems using different reasoning techniques and resources.
  • Asks effective questions and challenges answers.
  • Identifies underlying issues when solving problems.
  • Explores a range of alternatives to construct meaning.

Effective Communicator, who:

  • Communicates effectively and confidently by exploring and expressing ideas, thoughts, feelings and understandings in a range of contexts and for many different audiences.
  • Actively listens to the intent and spirit of others’ words and responds appropriately verbally and non-verbally.
  • Composes and comprehends a range of written, spoken and visual texts to convey information that is meaningful.

Explores ideas critically and expresses them clearly for a variety of purposes.​