The wearing of our uniform demonstrates pride in our school and is an advertisement for our school community.
All students are expected to wear the correct school uniform at all times. All clothing must be named.


The only jewellery items permitted are watches or items of religious, cultural or medical significance. For safety, students with pierced ears should wear studs rather than sleepers.

Prep students

Children in Prep wear a blue polo shirt with a green collar 5 days a week. This shirt is available through the school office. Shorts are navy blue and are available from Maynards. Prep students are asked to wear white socks and black closed in shoes.​

Years 1-6 Girls

The formal uniform consists of a blue and white dress​ or blouse and blue shorts. The blouse/dress and shorts for the girl's formal uniform must be ordered and purchased through the school office. Shorts purchased through other outlets are not correct uniform. Currently there are still some secondhand formal uniforms available at the office.

Footwear must be solid black closed in leather shoes and ankle length white socks.

Years 1-6​ Boys

The formal uniform consists of grey school shorts (not cargo shorts) and a blue revere collared shirt.

Footwear must be solid black leather shoes (not skate shoes or joggers) and ankle length grey socks.

Sports Uniform

Years 1 to 5 wear a red, navy and white polo shirt and blue shorts. The shirt is available through the office and the shorts can be purchased through Maynards. 

Year 6 students may wear their senior polo shirt on sports days.

All students are to wear joggers and white ankle length socks.

Winter Uniform

Students may wear plain navy blue fleecy pants and tops or you may purchase an All Saints' jacket through the school office. No visible clothing such as skivvies should be worn in winter.


Students are expected to be neat and tidy at all times.
Coloured, tinted, streaked or dyed hair is not permitted.
Undercuts, tracks, Mohawks and cuts of less than a Number 2 are not permitted.
If hair reaches collar length or longer, it must be tied back. This is applies to both male and female students.

Ribbons, scrunch​ies or headbands must be navy, royal blue, white or red in colour.

Second Hand Uniforms

Some second hand uniforms are available through the school.