School Reporting

​In 2006 the Federal Government introduced new requirements that ensure schools provide parents/caregivers with:

  • The Queensland Studies Authority reports on Year 3 and 5 literacy and numeracy testing
  • An opportunity to meet with the child’s teacher/s at least twice a year
  • A written report, twice per year, against achievement levels with clearly identified standards and a five-point scale, A – E    (or equivalent)
  • The opportunity to access information on a child’s achievement relative to the child’s peer group.

All Saints’ has reviewed their reporting processes and practices to ensure that they:

  • Use plain language that is easily understood
  • Provide a written report twice each year (paper or electronic)
  • Provide opportunities for parents and teachers to meet twice per year
  • Give an accurate assessment of the child’s progress and achievements
  • Offer to provide additional information regarding how the group of students in the same year level or subject is performing against state standards.