School Board

All Saints’ has a formally constituted School Board. It is a pastoral Board that operates within the framework of the constitution approved and recommended by the Bishops of Queensland for boards in Catholic education. The Board has an advisory role to the parish school. The Board functions to achieve the general goals for the parish and the school mission statement. The membership of the Board is: 

  • Parish Priest, 
  • School Principal, 
  • One staff member elected by the whole school staff, 
  • Three parent members elected by the parent body, and 
  • Parish member appointed by the parish council. 

If no parish council or equivalent body exists then this place may be filled by a fourth parent or by an elected member from the wider faith community. The Board may also have a maximum of two co-opted members. These may be people in the community who may possess special talents e.g.​ financial adviser and are willing to contribute to the Board’s functioning.

The five main areas of responsibility for the Board are:

  • Formulating policy in areas where the board holds a mandate;

  • Approving a relevant budget/s or budgets for area/s of responsibility;

  • Planning for the provision and maintenance of buildings and planning in areas where the board is involved;

  • Communicating with the school community on the Board’s activities and plans;

  • Developing general policy on curriculum.

Acting upon the principle of subsidiarity which allows for decisions to be taken by those who are competent and authorised to do so and guided by a Constitution approved by the Bishops of Queensland, pastoral school boards ensure, through wide consultation, that the mind of the local faith community is reflected in any decision making that is taken.

This decision making is reinforced through regular prayer and spiritual reflection at board meetings and a sense of servant leadership present in each Board member.