Vision & Mission

​Our Vision:

We are a faith-filled community creating a better future. United in our faith and service, we walk compassionately with others and excel in learning growth for all.


Our Mission:

Inspired by the teachings of Jesus, and founded in the Mercy Tradition, we are an educational community, shaped by the touchstones of: 

  • Faith – nurturing and deepening a relationship with God, through the lived experience of community and evidenced in the way that we speak, act and treat one another.
  • Wisdom – cultivating a love of learning to enrich and transform our world.
  • Family – embracing a genuine sense of belonging and a willingness to contribute to our school, parish, and wider community.


Our Values:

  • Excellence: We love to learn and strive to maximise our learning growth. 'Let your light shine before others' (Matt 5:16)
  • Inclusivity: We welcome and include. 'Therefore, welcome others as I have welcomed you.' (Romans 15:7)
  • Service: We walk with others in support and care. 'I have given you the model, as I have done for you, you should do also' (Jn 13:15)
  • Social Justice: We value respectful and responsive relationships. '…when you did this for the least of these, you did this for me' (Matt 25: 40)



  • Community involvement
  • Parish links
  • Parent inclusion​
  • Good communication

Learning and Growth

  • All learning stems from the Australian Curriculum
  • Up to date teaching, ideas, resources and technology
  • Life long learning skills
  • Achievement ¡n academic, sporting, cultural etc.​

Value Statements


All members of All Saints' School Community will be treated in an honest and dignified manner.  We will endeavour to develop a positive self-image in each person by making care, tolerance, compassion, love, respect and equality central features of the school ethos.


Parents are recognized as the first and most important educators of their children and, as such, home and school are complementary.  At All Saints' School structures are designed and implemented to encourage and develop communication between school and home.


All Saints' School, as a responsible member of the wider community, will contribute to, and participate in, significant community happenings thereby playing an active role in the development of community.


The primary purpose of All Saints' School is Education.  We aim to create a school environment where each child may reach his/her full potential spiritually, physically, culturally, emotionally and academically.  We acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual and endeavour to meet the needs of all students enrolled at All Saints'.


All Saints' School as part of All Saints' Parish shares in the Mission of the Universal Church.  All Saints' School is an expression of the commitment that the Parish has, to carrying out its educative role.

The Catholic School As a Christian Educational Community

The Catholic School seeks to spread the Kingdom of God through its educational mission.

It is a school which is committed to the search for truth and the human wisdoms.  A Catholic school should be a place for educational expertise and sound learning procedures. 

The Christian character is experienced by the lived community of the school.  Actions speak louder than pious declarations.

The quality of relationships among the members of the school community is an index of its Christianity.

The Christian character of the school is to be expressed by prayer, by religious education times, by service to the wider community.

Our Relationships

Teachers, school officers and ancillary staff endeavour in a caring, supportive and forgiving manner to guide the behaviour of our students by encouraging them to be children who through their words and actions demonstrate a respect for self, others and environment.